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High level waste recovery

At Almásfüzitő we have undertaken to eliminate dust emission at seven mud holding ponds of the former alumina plant. Local people were embittered for many, many years by the floating red dust that covered everything. House walls, roads and clothes hung out to dry were all red. This is a matter of the past now.

Before the 1980s, the alumina plant made several unsuccessful attempts to remove environment damage, cover some of the disposal sites and recultivate. However, the then used recultivation soils had become alkalised in the course of a few years. The cover material developed by our company, having the most important properties of the soil, proved to be the most suitable material  for covering red mud. Since 1986, six ponds have been completely fitted into the landscape and adapted for the repatriation of flora and fauna, and 89% of the seventh pond has been covered by now. As a result, dust emission in the area has been minimal since the late 1990s, and is below the health limits since 2000. The condition of the groundwater is steadily improving as well. Some pollution components have completely disappeared, while for others, a continuous downward trend has been observed.

The environmental achievements of our company, Tatai Környezetvédelmi Zrt. (Tatai Environment Protection Co.) are also confirmed by the resolutions of the competent authority.


In its Resolution from 30 July 2015, Győr-Moson-Sopron County Government Office, Environmental Protection and Conservation Department established that

-          the activity itself does not pose any hazard to human health, the living world, water, air, soil or flora and fauna — page 13.

-          “The waste recovery activity carried out on this site helps the recultivation of holding ponds as the cover material produced is utilized on the spot for the covering of holding pond surfaces, in this way preventing dust formation." — page 14

-           “After this task was finished, recultivation (covering and planting) followed with its very beneficial effects.” — page 14.


-          “In accordance with the above, the re-use activity does not jeopardize any protected natural assets ... does not infringe any nature and landscape protection interests.” — page 15.

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