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The recultivation process

Recultivation is the process by which the nearly original condition of a damaged area is achieved after the restoration by integration into the landscape. Recultivation is typically applied after remediation or closure of a waste storage facility.

As a result of waste recovery, our company produces cover material that is suitable for recultivation purposes. This latter material has characteristics similar to those of natural soil and is suitable for “healing” damage to the landscape. The cover material produced by our company helps, on the one hand, to carry out the integration of damaged areas into the landscape, and, on the other hand, helps to passively protect soil stock, thus avoiding non-farming use of natural soils.

After spreading on the site, a special grass mixture is planted on the cover material. The process and our work do not end here. We look after the planted vegetation and improve the nutritional value of the cover layer by adding auxiliary materials.

Where necessary, we re-sow the area in order to get an even vegetation everywhere. During after-care, we help the vegetation to strengthen and grow by mowing it, creating groves, replenishing nutrients or thickening the layer. On the recultivated areas the vegetation provides habitats for insects and rodents, which attract birds and larger vertebrates to the site.



“In accordance with the technology used by Tatai Environment Protection Co., after the compost material was placed as a last phase of the recultivation process, the planting of soil-protecting turf associations suitable for local conditions follows (or has already been done). As expected, the turf induces additional biological degradation processes and/or increases the cover layer’s humus content and also provides food and habitat for the wildlife that is gradually settling in. During and after the full covering of holding ponds, our Company provides after-care of the abandoned site. In order to ensure integration into the landscape and protect the higher animals (vertebrates), it is necessary to create islands or patches of tree groups in the grassed area. The wooded associations spontaneously appear due to the seedlings left on the site. These groves do not require any care or maintenance. Any new shoots or seedlings are cleaned and destroyed by regular mowing.”


“Based on studies investigating soil formation processes on holding ponds of the Tatai Environment Protection Co., some soil formation processes started after the cover layer was laid down and the site became suitable for vegetation growth.” (Detailed closing professional report of ELTE Environment Science Cooperation Centre on TKV Ltd.'s activity at Almásfüzitő, 2007, pages 71 and 72.)

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