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The waste management on Almásfüzitő holding ponds is safe

The activities carried out on Almásfüzitő holding ponds are secured by a multitier system; we are in full compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, we operate in accordance with precautionary principles, and we have integrated a number of self-regulatory elements into our process.

The so-called integrated environment use licence (IPPC permit) specifies our activities within the current legislative framework and the operation of the monitoring system intended to verify the results of our work. The monitoring system supplies information about environmental conditions and the impact of our activities at regular intervals.

The licensing process also involves several special authorities that are responsible for their specific branch. Accordingly, the Environment Agency and other expert bodies conduct both regular and ad hoc inspections of the holding ponds and in connection with our activities.

An important element of our work is our strict documentation system. This is to ensure that any work, process or material connected to the holding ponds is verifiable and can be traced back for years and decades.

The safety of the holding ponds is also supported by ad hoc surveys, such as:

-          comprehensive stability tests;

-          university studies;

-          activity supervision;

-          fact-finding;

-          regular visual inspections by colleagues.


Waste recovery activities are subject to official authorization.

Our company carries out its activities in accordance with existing environmental regulations, on the basis of a permits (licences) issued by the environmental authority. Administrative processes of our activity are regulated by the ISO international quality standard system.

Integrated environmental authorization (IPPC permit), Almásfüzitő site: 392-6/2010

Issued by: Northern-Transdanubian Environmental Protection, Nature Conservation and Water Management Inspectorate (now: Győr-Moson-Sopron County Government Office, Environment and Conservation Department)

Administrative code:  R3
KÜJ number: 100264265
KTJ number: 100370143

The company's integrated environmental authorization (EKHE) is equivalent to an EU IPPC permit.

Certified management systems

The integrated quality and environmental management system of our company certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 28001 standards is a tool for meeting customer and social requirements.

The adequacy of our management system was certified by the EMT Zrt. certification body, and our procedures have successfully passed many other customer audits as well.


* IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control), stands for the 96/61/EC Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, introduced across the EU from 30 October 1999. It is a very important environmental protection statutory law of the European Union.

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