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Our activity is recognized by NGOs as well

We consider it important that the community we work in be informed of what we are doing. Therefore, in the last decades the affected population and interested people have been given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our activities. We always take part in village festivals with presentation materials, printed publications and scale models, and our leading environmental staff answer questions. Interested people are taken for walks around the ponds so that they can see the entire process. Thanks to our work the activity performed on the Almásfüzitő disposal sites has a wide social acceptance.

Several parliamentary committees (Committee for Sustainable Development, Committee for the Investigation of the Kolontár Disaster) have made on-site visits and inspected the operation of our site. Their reports show that everything related to the disposal sites and their management is in order, and they supported our ongoing professional work of covering the holding ponds.

Members of local councils of the surrounding towns (Almásfüzitő and Dunaalmás) monitor the recultivation continuously. Through council decisions both local councils have expressed their support for the integration of disposal sites into the landscape, since this has significantly improved the quality of life of the population.

Non-governmental organizations representing local residents did not submit any complaints regarding  activities carried out by us since 1986, but have always shown their support of TKV Zrt. during the regular licensing procedures.

Several environment protection NGOs, university groups, media and other interested entities (school groups, local residents) have visited or conducted research on the holding ponds. For example: Esztergomi Környezetkultúra Egyesület (Esztergom Environment Culture Association), Válaszúton Alapítvány (Válaszúton Foundation), Zsigmond Király Főiskola (King Sigismund College), Corvinus University Budapest, Debrecen University, Budapest Technical University (BME), Miskolc University, Gödöllő University, Veszprém University and Eötvös Loránd University of Science (ELTE). Based on their feedback, it can be clearly stated that the visitors were convinced by the professionally and scientifically recognized results of the reclamation.



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