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The holding ponds were proved to withstand the expected environmental impacts

Between 1950-1984 the Almásfüzitő Alumina Plant stored its hazardous waste in the holding ponds implemented in nearby areas along the Danube River. Since the plant was closed in 1996, all holding ponds are legally considered as abandoned landfill, because red mud has not been disposed of in the subject areas for 30 years. In the last 30 years, the red mud stored there has dried out and taken on a clay-like structure. It has a porous surface and a tendency to produce dust if no recultivation is done. For several years, 50-ton earth-moving machines have been working on the surface doing recultivation.

With the implementation of the holding ponds the main objective was to ensure the smooth flow of production and quick and easy waste disposal. The holding ponds were surrounded by 6 to 8-meter high embankments and provided with bottom and side insulation made of clay. No surface covering was done after the holding ponds were filled, so the nearby villages suffered from the dust for many years.

The dams and the holding ponds are watertight, so they have minimal  connection with the environment and their polluting potential is negligible.

The Tatai Environment Protection Co. carried out comprehensive soil mechanics and embankment stability surveys in 2010 and 2011. Based on the geotechnical investigations carried out on more than 300 soil samples, the stability of dams was within the limits laid down in technical directive EUROCODE7, namely a 4.5M earthquake would not cause any damage to them.



“On the basis of tests and calculations, the safety factor of storage dams Nos. I to VII exceeds the 1.35 value specified in the standard. The study did not find any modification or damage that could cause failure of the dam.” (Conclusions of the Veszprém District Mines Inspectorate regarding the tests, dated 27 September 2011.)



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