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Our waste recovery work is continuously and strictly controlled.

Tatai Environment Protection Co. operates a complex monitoring system in the area of its holding ponds and their surroundings under the continuous supervision of the environment protection authority.

Groundwater monitoring wells were built in 1987 (1995 for holding pond VII) and have provided groundwater ​​quality and pollution degree monitoring ever since. The monitoring wells have supplied continuous test data to the competent environmental authority since their commissioning. Based on the water level and water chemistry tests, the recultivation operations had no negative impact on the ground water reserves.


“Based on both the measured chemical values and the model tests performed, it can be stated that the pollution caused by the holding ponds on the Danube's water is practically negligible. (…) Fényes creek and Szőny-Fűzfői channel (located south of the holding ponds) were also tested, and the results showed negligible additional pollution caused by the red mud holding ponds.” (Resolution № 90-18/2015 of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Government Office, Environmental Protection and Conservation Department, page 16)


Air pollution indicators have been below the allowed limits for 10 years now.

Based on cover layer tests, humus and humus-like materials are gradually multiplying in the cover layer.

Regular tests of the internal composition of plants in the area did not show any accumulation of heavy metals. Surveys of animals (rodents, birds) living in the area showed that their deaths occurred from natural causes, no accumulation of harmful substances was observed in their internal organs.



We can generally conclude that in the past alumina production and red mud disposal had the most negative impact on the area by occupying the area, transforming habitats, as well as through noise and dust pollution and interference. As a result, the original habitats of the area were completely destroyed, the original vegetation was pushed back to the close shores of the Danube, where remains can be still found: “The tests described above unequivocally showed that the contamination detected in the surroundings of the mud holding ponds are by-products of the technology employed by the Alumina Plant and are also derived from the red mud stored in mud holding ponds. (...) based on contamination concentration trends (D) exceeding the limit value specified for the remediation target state is not expected for the next 5 years.” (Resolution № 90-18/2015 of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Government Office, Environmental Protection and Conservation Department, page 14)


Supervision and tests performed by specialty authorities

In addition to the ongoing official supervision, 14 authorities have carried out nearly 90 inspections since 2010, and additional surveys have been done by other organizations as well.

Authorities: environment protection inspectorates, District Mines Inspectorate, Water Management Directorate, Disaster Prevention Agency, Public Health Agency, ministerial supervisory bodies.

Scientific bodies: Geological Institute of Hungary, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Soil Science, Eötvös Loránd Geophysical Institute.


Our waste management activities are documented accurately and in detail

The documentation of waste arriving at our company's site is subject to stringent legal requirements by which every kilogram of waste can be traced from its production, through transport and treatment to the final outcome at the waste operator.

Consequently, we can accurately determine who sent the raw material, which was processed and laid down as cover material on the surface of holding ponds, when the shipment was sent, what the composition of the waste was and which authorized waste management company has taken over the waste rejected by our recovery technology.

The arriving waste is accepted by our colleagues based on adequate shipping documents. The waste is monitored and weighed, then recorded in our electronic waste registration system. We carry out the verification of accepted waste on our own, but we also use accredited laboratory services if necessary. The on-site movement of waste and the technological operations performed are also logged until placement (on recultivation sites) or rejection and dispatch to an external destination.

We can accept waste specified in the permit up to the specified volumes. Our IPPC permit accurately specifies the hazardous substance content of the waste material eligible for acceptance. This is to ensure that all accepted waste can be processed by our recultivation cover material production technology. Each time prior to placement an independent laboratory examines the conformity of the cover material with the specified limit values, then the cover material can be laid down on a holding ponds’ surface subject to the authorization of the environmental authority.

The legal conditions for hazardous waste are regulated by Government Decree № 225/2015 (VIII. 7) on detailed rules regarding certain hazardous waste-related activities. This decree specifies that hazardous waste must be documented from its production place until it arrives in our waste treatment facility, also including any transfer to an authorized waste management company. The delivery note must include—among other things—the waste ID code, the name in accordance with the waste list, the quantity, the most important hazard properties, the number of the waste transport permit (or registration №), as well as the permit number of the authorized waste trading and management company.

Any forwarding agent dealing with hazardous waste must have all required permits or licences for the transport of hazardous waste, as well as adequate equipment, appropriate financial guarantees or—where government regulation so requires—(cargo) insurance.

Any company accepting hazardous waste must have all required permits or licences for the acceptance of hazardous waste, as well as adequate equipment, appropriate financial guarantees or—where government regulation so requires—(liability) insurance.

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