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We carry out waste recycling on our sites. The resulting product is applied locally to “heal” damage to the landscape.

Tata Head Office

In the Tata Head Office we carry out the intellectual and management activities of our company, we organise professional work and conduct the implementation activities.


Almásfüzitő waste disposal site, red mud holding pond № VII: area under recultivation

Our goal at this disposal site, which was abandoned for more than 30 years, is the elimination of dust discharge and closure of the ponds by their integration into the landscape. We carry out waste recovery on the site: we typically produce recultivation cover material from production waste and by-products and then use it to cover the red mud holding ponds.

The covering of holding pond № VII was 89% complete in January 2017. The uncovered area decreases continuously. Based on official tests, the holding pond has not emitted any dust since the late 1990s.


Red mud holding ponds № I to VI: recultivated areas

These holding ponds have been fully covered and grassed, so dust emissions have been successfully stopped, as confirmed by the environmental authority. Vegetation of the area is now close to the natural state.

To further control the environmental impact of the red mud disposal site, our company operates a complex monitoring system and provides after-care of the recultivation area. We continuously check the cover layer in the area and, where necessary, we carry out the necessary maintenance work.


Kesztölc waste recycling site

We carry out recultivation on the site in order to stop dust emission of the abandoned dust-ash dump and close it down by integration into the landscape. We carry out waste recovery also on this site, i.e. we typically produce recultivation cover material from production waste and by-products.


Technology and equipment fleet

On our own sites and external operation areas we maintain an equipment and machinery pool according to our capacity demands. When selecting our equipment and machinery, the primary consideration is a high technical level, environmentally friendly operation, as well as professional specialization, references, and the existence and application of a maintenance and service background required for the safe operation of the equipment.

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