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Our support activities focus on three areas: conscious living, healthy living and liveable life.

Our mission

We believe that only a company that is active and a committed member of the community it operates in can be successful. The basic idea of our corporate social responsibility is that a commercially successful company can only be an example to others if it regularly does something for the environment. In our area of operation we support those issues and organisations that help others to change their quality of life and to live a more conscious and healthier life.

Since its founding, our company has developed a close relationship with NGOs and town councils in the area. We supported them in achieving their goals through financial assistance and the volunteer work of our colleagues. We typically support the events and organisations of Tata and Almásfüzitő.

In 2012 cooperation expanded in Almásfüzitő: we started to regularly organise programmes for the dissemination of environmental awareness, which is important for our company.

As sport is a key support area for our company, we were pleased to support Tata Athletic Club, which was in a critical situation then.

In order to support a liveable life, we contacted the Rainman Association (Esőemberekért Egyesület)—which operates a home for autistic people—and the Hungarian Down Syndrome Foundation—which plays a leading role in providing homes and employment for people suffering from Down syndrome—, and we continued our support for the Light Of My Eyes (Szemem Fénye) hospice home as well. We reconsidered our cooperation with the Tata Water, Music and Flower Festival and Talentum School. In this triple co-operation we have been participating for many years in the student Redesign project (creation of flat and three-dimensional art work from waste), with an exhibition that is always an interesting event at the above-mentioned festival.

On launching the Kesztölc site in 2013, our company initiated active cooperation with town councils of the area. We were delighted to see that three kindergartens in Dorog have been conducting a high-quality educational program for many years, which was further expanded with our support. The children from Kesztölc have always welcomed our company to their Harvest Day events because of our many games that focus on protection of the environment. The Tata Wild Geese Festival, which is one of the most recognized and most visited nature protection festivals in the country, was held with our support.

This year the Santa Claus Factory Foundation (Mikulásgyár Alapítvány) also received support at Christmas time.

In 2014 and 2015 we continued our company group's corporate social responsibility programme, which is based on values and directives adopted in previous years. We also supported the programme series entitled “Natural Assets of the Tata Basin and Tata District” organised by the 75-year-old Zoltán Magyary Adult Education Centre Society from Tata. This programme series focuses on hydrological and botanical values and rare animals of the area. We also had a number of sponsorship activities, which sought the help of colleagues, such as the YouCollect! (TeSzedd!) waste collection from public spaces campaign in spring, Barefoot September (Mezítlábas Szeptember) at the end of summer, and the Santa Claus Factory before Christmas.

We believe that by taking responsibility for each other and our environment both as individuals and a community, we can live in a world that provides access for all to basic rights and needs. We are working towards these objectives in our own way!


Conscious life

Long-term successes in the field of environment and nature protection can mostly be achieved by lifestyle and attitude changes. We therefore support the environmental education and protection of the natural and social environment. Young people are the most inclined to change their lifestyles; they are more susceptible to learning about and adopting an environmental approach to world issues. We would like to see young people become adults for whom awareness and responsibility are an integral part of their lives. They can really learn that our environment is a gift that we must preserve for future generations.



Let’s change the quality of our life!
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