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We replace natural soils

As a result of our waste recovery procedure, our company produces cover material that is suitable for recultivation purposes. This material has characteristics similar to those of natural soil and is suitable for repairing damage to the landscape. This soil-substitute layer is particularly suitable for the holding ponds of Almásfüzitő, as it resists the alkalinisation effects of red mud, and the vegetation planted on it will last for a long time:  not only grasses, flowers and weeds, but also bushes and shrubs thrive on it. The cover material developed by our company has been successfully used for recultivation purposes for almost 30 years now.

The environmental benefits of the cover material is not restricted to repairing damage to the landscape and making it a green area, but unhealthy dust emission from the waste dump area is also eliminated. By using our soil-substitute, it is possible to avoid bringing in large quantities of fertile soil from remote areas to cover a holding pond. This is so-called passive soil protection. This avoids the use of valuable natural soils for non-agricultural purposes.

The cover material is typically produced by biological degradation from municipal and industrial waste. During the waste recovery procedure, we prepare a mixture with the same structure as natural soils, i.e. containing both organic and inorganic components. Our technology reproduces soil forming processes occurring in nature, but in controlled conditions and in much shorter time. The resulting cover material has characteristics and components similar to those of natural soil.

When implementing integration into the landscape our goal is not to create fertile land suitable for farming, but just provide a cover layer suitable for a specially planted turf and grass mixture, and create adequate conditions for the settlement and continuous development and diversification of flora and fauna. The vegetation renews itself year after year and provides habitats for insects and rodents, and subsequently also for smaller and bigger vertebrates and birds. Bushes and shrubs already grow on previously recultivated holding ponds, and the site is in a nearly natural state, as if it had not been an industrial area.

We carry out our activity based on ISO certifications (9001, 14001 and 28001).




“Some waste biodegradation technologies produce materials with low nutrient content, which are not suitable for agricultural use. Based on other characteristics, these composts are suitable for the recultivation of damaged areas and for the maintaining of living conditions of the vegetation to be planted on the site. In these areas, a low nutrient content may often be advantageous, as it inhibits the proliferation of aggressive invasive plants. " (MTA Research Institute for Soil Mechanics and Agricultural Chemistry: Summary of basic scientific and professional knowledge of waste management technologies using biodegradation and composting, page 20; 14 February 2011.)

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